Noahs Angus Ranch
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Cooperative Herds

Cooperative herds have Noahs Angus base cows and/or bulls, bring their registered seed stock back to our feedlot, and are represented under the same guarantee as all the stock at Noahs Angus Ranch!

We welcome our five co-operating herds. Their bull calves have been fed out here along side ours and are included in this offering.


Jay & Chyenne Smith
Jay & Chyenne Smith
Carmen, ID


John Davis of Midvale, Idaho


Bear Creek Ranch

Dan Heath of LaGrande, Oregon



summer/fall of 09


Twin Pine Ranch

Mark & Ida Higgins of Adin, California


Morgan Higgins Grand Champion steer at the 2009 Modoc County Jr. Livestock Auction

Congratulations to Morgan Higgins for raising the Grand Champion steer at the 2009 Modoc County Jr. Livestock Auction! The sire is Noahs Hero 18-4056, AAA#15325702.  Morgan is the son of our Adin, CA Co-operators, Mark and Ida Higgins.  We are all very proud of him for donating 15¢/# of his sale proceeds to benefit a local family challenged by cancer.  Way to go, Morgan!

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