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Since 2010 we have been involved in the new world of genomic enhanced EPDs. The results were very interesting and affected our young sire selection; we look forward to using this genetic tool more in the future.  These links on the American Angus Association website best explains this 21 trait genetic test.      

We are now fourth generation Angus seed stock producers……family owned and operated since 1955.  Our program is based around wonderful, productive black cows and the traits that we believe made Angus the great breed that it is:

  • Strong maternal females with perfect teats and udders, good dispositions and that calve unassisted and take care of their calves. 
  • Moderate framed cattle with females that re-breed year after year……longevity and “repeatability”.
  • Balanced trait cattle with adequate milk, IMF, REA, gain etc.  No trait should be over emphasized at the expense of other traits.  Too much milk compromises udder quality and longevity. We believe that  “Extremes eliminate themselves in nature.”
  • $EN
    We believe that $EN figures should be considered by cattlemen.  $EN measures differing cow energy requirements, expressed in dollars per cow per year as an expected dollar savings in future daughters of sires.  A larger positive $EN figure means more dollars saved on feed energy costs.  A negative $EN indicates “harder doing”, resource hungry cattle.  Factors that affect $EN figures include basic energy requirements, milk and mature cow size/growth. As a rule, large milk, growth and mature size EPD numbers will lead to negative $EN.  We believe in positive $EN cattle and will be providing that number on our cattle data.  Here is a link to an article on the Angus Association website that has more  
  • Most of our cows summer on native “hard grass” range under conditions very similar to a majority of commercial cattle operations.  Our females are un-pampered, hardworking and honest.
  • Bulls need to sire these consistency traits.  We have not chased after fads or bred for terminal cross Angus……..our bulls carry generations of genetic selection for functional traits.  We test for pelvic area, scrotal, ultrasound carcass measurement and feedlot gain.  The bulls are fed here in our steep, rocky feedlot on a high-roughage, low grain ration.  We are raising seed stock, not fat stock. Structural soundness, feet, legs, travel are all critiqued.

We believe strongly in Private Treaty Sales!  These are not fattened, fitted “wine and cheese” cattle that we want a customer to buy in a bidding frenzy. Females are individually graded at calving according to our yearly Cow Calving Report which we’ll gladly share.  We encourage inspection, questions and time spent around the herd.


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