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Hi Kate:

  I got the papers yesterday on the girls we bought. They are all doing wonderful, what a nice bunch of heifers to be around. The two older girls calved. 6031 "Betsy", calved 5/22/11 had an  80lb heifer calf. 104 "Grandma" calved on 5/27/11 and had a 70lb heifer calf. We have these two right behind our house and we go out and scratch their backs all the time. Even with their calves they are still very gentle. I just love them.

We turned the little girls out to pasture about 3 weeks ago, took the horses up to check on them, not knowing how they would react to the horses and they all ran right up to us and checked us out. What a pleasure, instead of trying to catch up to them to see how they were doing. They are looking fantastic, we could not be any happier with the purchase of these cattle.

I hope that if you ever get over to this country you will look us up and come see us and the "girls".

Sam & Deb Baker

"You've got a good program. The bulls did a good job for us and I'll be back."
John O'Keeffe
Adele, OR

Thank you for your support in building my new program. I am very impressed with your devotion to good cattle and dedication to a team effort. I look forward to many prosperous years to come, and many great memories to be made.

Keith Nantz
Dillon Ranch
Maupin, OR

I Just wanted to pass on a bit of information for any cattleman looking for a fantastic set of maternal cows. I just got my calving/weaning data back from the Angus Association and I am proud to tell you that the girls' calves averaged better than 3 lbs per day while on the cows. What makes this so impressive is that this past year (2007) was not a good grass year in North Eastern CA by any stretch of the imagination. These cows were out on range, not irrigated pasture, no creep feed, and vary in age from 2 to 18 years of age, most in the 10 year old range.

Mark Higgins
Twin Pine Ranch

We calved out 300 plus head of heifers, your bulls did an outstanding job and we couldn't be happier.

Ed Dunlap, McEwen Ranch
Riverside, OR

The bulls have done EXCELLENT for us and are growing into nice big good-looking bulls!  We are really pleased with them.

Wes and Dige Cook
Cedarville, CA 

“…….out of all the bulls we have used, we’ve had the best luck with Noah bulls.”

Kent Lierman
Filer, ID 

“Great dispositions. Easy calvers.  Good mothers.  Nice to be around……that’s for the cows.  For the Noah’s I would say ready and willing to offer advice.  Good honest people to deal with.”

Johanna Nielsen
CJ Ranch
Council, ID 

In the Spring of ’94 I went to work managing Eckhardt Ranches.  We had a goal to create a black and black white face herd of mother cows that could be both good mothers and have a calf that would compete in the feedlot. 

Our base herd was cows bought from sales rings and one private treaty sale of 50 head of black cows.  All together we bought 270 head.

We explained our goals and our herd of put-together cows to Randy and Kate and with their advice we bought all of our bulls from them.  Randy was even on my IRM (Integrated Resource Management) team.  

On our fifth year, our cowherd of mother cows was calving February 15th to April 15th, weaning October 10th and were averaging 48% of the mother cows’ body weight.  Our 1st calf heifers were out performing the older cowherd.  We sent 114 head of steers to Bruneau Cattle Company straight off the cows.  These steers were sent to IBP April 16th.  They graded 13 at prime, 91 at choice, and 6 at select.  

If you want quality bulls that can handle rough country, call the Noahs.

LaVelle Braun
Weiser, ID

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