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Is the Angus Breed on the Right Course?

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Dam Side of the Pedigree

We recently ran across an article that appeared in the March issue of the Progressive Rancher under the heading "Cow Camp Chatter" and we really agree with it.

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  • Does form follow function or function follow form?

(If a cow raises a good calf, is trouble free, breeds back, stays in herd for 10 or more years.........her function is perfect! At Noah’s Angus Ranch, form follows function.)

  •  "My Cow"

(You could breed her to a fence post and she would have a good calf.)

  •  Steeper than a cows face

  • Maternal traits are what made the Angus breed great!

(Too much growth and frame are antagonistic to maternal traits.)

  •  The most expensive thing you'll ever buy is a cheap bull.

  • Genotype

(Genetic package of a critter........what you may not see inside the black hide. Size of pelvic, how much milk, gain, and marbling.)

  • Phenotype

(The form you see with your eyes........ length of body, frame, muscling, how sheathy the bull's the outside of the package.)

  • "Extremes eliminate themselves in nature".

 Larry Leonhardt, Shoshone Angus

  • Repeatable

(Good teats & udder, longevity, raising a salable calf, good disposition & structural soundness.)

  • Brown bag cattle

  • Swing bag

  •  Wine and cheese cattle

  •  "Pretty is as pretty does".

John Davis

  • "Be good to those old cows they are our life".

Olive Purcell, Seid Ranch

  • Look small, miss small

  • Rust never sleeps

  • The only constant is change

  • "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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